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Three “Starter” Houses to Begin Your Sustainable Lifestyle


Sustainable living can mean adapting social, economic and sustainable practices to every aspect of your life. So, if life needs a heart, and a home is where a heart is—then sustainable living starts with the home!


Here are three amazing and environmentally friendly homes that could kick-start your new sustainable life.
Oh, and remember: You always need quality windows—no matter what shape your home takes!

The Hut


This fantastic looking home kit comes in “backcountry” or “frontcountry” style, featuring outdoor or urban designs, respectively. Both “huts” come in modular sizes accommodating 2-24 people. From a sustainability viewpoint: “The hut uses FSC certified lumber, 100% recyclable components, and adopts a zero-waste philosophy with minimal site imprint.”


Factory customization and prefabricated cores minimize the need for heavy machinery on-site, during assembly. Additionally, there’s little disturbance during construction: The foundation fits into hand-dug piling holes.


The backcountry version is slightly rustic, but if you want something a little more lavish or upscale, have a look at their Frontcountry fit-out.

The Tiny Home


If you’re looking for “off the grid”, mobility or low-to-zero rent, a Tiny Home may be the option for you. Due to their small size and mobile nature, Tiny Homes are efficient – gathering rain water, using solar panels to charge batteries, and recycling nearly every resource used within the cabin.


Tiny Homes come in all shapes and sizes (yes, there are some big Tiny Homes). While some people choose to build their own tiny homes from scratch, there are many manufacturers that customize spaces to fit your wants and needs.
Here are a few Colorado tiny homes manufacturers to get you started:

Unidentified Floating Objects


Why? Because it’s fun!
This 40-foot Italian saucer has an upper deck, lower deck, and great ocean views! Gathering both wind and solar energy, it has a hydro-jet engine to move the entire living space–which includes a kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom and bath.


While you will need your own boat to get to shore, the large under-water window located on the lower deck brings new meaning to the phrase “life at sea”.