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Inspired by Europe. Designed for North America. Made in the U.S.

Alpen High Performance Products, creators of North America’s first commercially available fiberglass reinforced uPVC window with NFRC certified R-11+ performance, Tyrol-Passive-House-Profile continues its legacy of innovation with the Tyrol Series of European-styled windows and doors. This new series combines best-in-class European styling and quality German hardware with the high performance, craftsmanship and short lead times you’ve come to expect from a product that is made in the United States. The Tyrol Series is a fiberglass reinforced polymer window and door system that doesn’t rely on steel for its strength. Instead, it is composed of a proprietary fiber composite material, known as RAU-FIPRO™, and is similar to composites employed in aeronautic construction and racing vehicles for outstanding strength and load capacities. In the hands of our experienced development partner, REHAU™, this unique uPVC frame design substantially improves thermal insulation and provides multiple chamber insulation options.


  • European styling (including Tilt Turn / Hopper) and German hardware
  • Made in the United States, with local support and servicing
  • Shorter lead times and lower shipping costs than imported windows
  • NFRC whole-window ratings up to R-11.1 (U-0.09)
  • Passive House universally certified component (both PHIUS and PHI)–the first ever manufactured in North America!
  • Full range of glazing options for maximum Energy Savings and Comfort
  • Residential, Commercial and Multifamily applications
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The Facts & Performance

  • PHIUS and Passive House Institute Certified Component
  • Uf=0.77W/m²·K (0.136 BTU/hr·°F·ft²)
  • Meets stringent Passive House requirements for air infiltration resistance
  • Fiberglass-reinforced profile allows for larger sizes without steel reinforcement
Download the Tyrol Series NFRC Data


Glazing Package Options

Triple and Quadcore AlpenGlass™ Glazing Packages

1. AlpenGlass Balanced – Well rounded, high performance solution for all climates

2. AlpenGlass SolarControl – Extra protection against unwanted solar gain

3. AlpenGlass HighGain – Maximum light and solar heat gain


Window Types


Download the Tyrol Series Min-Max Size Chart


Paint & Finish Options

paintfinishStandard Color

Upgrade Color Options

Exterior & Interior: Black, Bronze

Rehau Geneo Painted FinishCustom Finishes

Array of non-standard laminated color foils and custom painted finishes may be available, please contact us for information.



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