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Capital Repairs and Maintenance Projects


When a need for repairs arises, it often brings up other issues as well. Problems can develop when you and your staff have to make the hard decision of prioritizing which project or repairs should be done first.

Prioritize major repairs and projects

Base their priority on:

  • Safety
  • State/Federal requirements
  • Critical value of system/component
  • Age and condition of system/component
  • Tenant preference
  • Necessity
  • Potential energy savings or operational cost avoidance
  • Available funding

After developing a list of priorities based on these 8 criteria, you’ll need to consider how these changes might affect each another.

Some of the systems that can work with (or against) each other:

  • Mechanical Systems
  • Structural Systems
  • Architectural / Interior Designs
  • Building Shell
  • Safety and Security
  • Operations and Grounds

Remember: Synergy/Lack of synergy may lead to complications, and changes to one system could create complications in another. You and your team should take this “entire building picture” into consideration when prioritizing repairs or projects.

After you’ve prioritized

Once everything is clearly prioritized, it’s time to define project expectations. If your expectations are too low, you’ll waste a great opportunity for improvement. If your expectations are unreasonably high, then you’ll likely be disappointed (and might not hit a critical ROI. If your building maintenance or facility staff concludes that you want to do some very high quality work, make sure you keep that in mind when budgeting for contractors!

Experience tells us that personal relationships usually lead to the best referrals and the best work. Good contractors will leave a positive mark on their projects as well as with the people they work with, so get in touch with your network to quickly focus-in on the best contractor for your job. Often, one good quality contractor will lead to another…and another! Great references can make a great team.

After selecting contractors, get their input and plan project steps with their help to create a smooth and efficient process. Quality partners should be able to identify better solutions, better timing, and more cost effective products.

After planning and hiring, it’s time to start your major capital repair or maintenance project. Your building will be on the way to higher satisfaction and performance.