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June 18, 2018


Super Window Could Save Billions

Needless to say, that headline from the Department of Energy’s Berkeley Labs caught our eye! Here’s a link to the DoE’s press release, laying out the fact that “About $20 billion worth of energy leaks out of windows in the United States each winter – and that’s with double-paned insulating windows installed on a majority of

February 2, 2018


Introducing: The ONLY American-made window with both PHIUS and PHI Certifications

Alpen is proud to announce the first (and currently only) dual-certified window manufactured in North America. We believe making good decisions should be easier, not harder…and simpler, not more complex. If you’re looking for the highest quality windows that America has to offer, and you need a certified product—for Passive House, Net Zero Energy, Living

December 8, 2017


Energy Efficiency Dominates the Craft Beer Market

The craft beer market is full of creative and agile people. They understand how to mix the best hops, how long to steep their specialty grains and, perhaps most importantly in any company, how to use resources efficiently. While the high costs of quality ingredients, labor, insurance, materials, cleaning and maintenance are all expected by

October 6, 2017


U.S. Government Asks Alpen to Showcase American Sustainability Innovation (again!)

For the last two years, we proudly fulfilled the government’s request to highlight our products for the Department of Commerce’s SABIT Program–part of the International Trade Administration–which showcases cutting-edge, energy efficient construction technologies for a select group of Eurasian delegates. What is SABIT? “SABIT’s Energy Efficiency in Residential and Commercial Construction program aims to give

July 25, 2017


Living Building Challenge at TEDxBend

TEDx Talk by Jason McLennan, Founder of Living Future Institute This 2015 talk does a a fantastic job of explaining The Living Building Challenge and how everything developed. “People said, ‘Jason, you’re crazy. This is too hard–LEED is already too hard, they thought. How are we going to do living buildings? How are we going

July 10, 2017


Award-Winning Efficiency Program in FoCo

Utilities around the country have efficiency programs; however, Fort Collins wanted to take its project to the next level. “Utilities started doing efficiency programs by implementing the low-hanging fruit. Now that they already have early adopters doing the easy projects, the question is how to take the next step, getting more people involved and getting

June 23, 2017


What is Whole Building Design?

When you think about design and construction, you make think of it in separate sections. Foundation, windows, plumbing, etc. But this is not how modern buildings are designed and built. They first go through a rigorous design process known as whole building design. What is whole building design? The idea behind this process is to

May 8, 2017


A Lesson In Choosing the Right Glaziers, Window Systems and Glazing

As many out there know, there are some scary facilities maintenance stories. This one is about window maintenance—or the lack of it—that ended up as a full building retrofit with a $4.5 million dollar price tag. Ouch! And let’s preface the story with — This isn’t a story about an Alpen project or products —

April 26, 2017


The World Is Watching: Sustainable Development Goals

You may remember the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, created 17 years ago. The results from this global effort were not insignificant, and they’ve now inspired the continuation of effort in the form of the Sustainable Development Goals. Past Success Some successes of the Millennium Development Goals, specifically in regards to environmental sustainability, include: 98%

March 17, 2017


A Headquarters Worthy of its Mission

The Rocky Mountain Institute Innovation Center in Basalt, Colorado “This building achieves beyond net-zero energy because we have gotten better at choosing and combining technologies to maximize building performance.” –Amory Lovins   The Three Main Design Challenges of the RMI Innovation Center in Basalt, Colorado: Meeting the goal of net zero in one of the