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July 27, 2018


See What AlpenGlass Has to Offer!

AlpenGlass™: The industry’s highest-performing multi-cavity glass solution AlpenGlass vs. Traditional Triple Pane—There Is No Comparison AlpenGlass delivers the lowest U-factors in the industry, nearly 100% UV blockage and a variety of solar heat gain options. This provides the flexibility designers need to create large glass areas without sacrificing energy efficiency. Since Alpen is able to

February 16, 2017


What Does Good Look Like?

Alpen and the Living Building Challenge: What does good look like? That is the question that the Living Building Challenge asks. The living building challenge is just as much about beauty as it is about environmental impact—and one reason why the International Living Future Institute uses the metaphor “Efficient as a flower” to describe its

January 18, 2017


12 Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy (NZE)

Here’s a great video on “The Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy“. Thanks to Clifton View Homes on Whidbey Island, WA for doing such a great job describing the basics of NZE.

May 26, 2016


Capital Repairs and Maintenance Projects

When a need for repairs arises, it often brings up other issues as well. Problems can develop when you and your staff have to make the hard decision of prioritizing which project or repairs should be done first. Prioritize major repairs and projects Base their priority on: Safety State/Federal requirements Critical value of system/component Age

May 12, 2016


3 Easy Summer Solutions for Your Windows

Windows can have a negative impact on the energy efficiency of your building, even while providing ventilation, light, and warmth. Luckily, you can be more comfortable and reduce energy costs by following these easy tips.   Improve Existing Windows Easy Solutions In addition to shading, you can improve the energy efficiency of older windows by

April 16, 2016


Do I Need New Windows?

How do you know if you need new windows? You might put up with a breeze or use a space heater in the cold spot next to a window, but do you need to? Here are some telltale factors that you may be putting up with every day—and not even consider an issue.   Condensation

January 20, 2016


6 Tips to Fill Your Spaces With Natural Light

We all know that natural light is good for us. It’s so good for us, in fact, we should incorporate it into every room of our homes and offices. And there are plenty of great looking ways to accomplish it!   1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Adding a decorative mirror that faces a window

January 8, 2016


What Do You Really Save With Energy Efficient Products?

Thinking about going green? Great for you! You’ll certainly be saving money if you use energy efficient products–but did you ever consider what else you’ll be saving?   Energy Efficiency First off, you could save a lot of energy. Those dollars you spent on that big electric bill would go right back into your pocket.

December 18, 2015


Shut That Window! You’re Heating the Outdoors!

Have you ever been sitting in your living room and suddenly noticed a cold breeze coming from the corner of a window? You’re heating the outdoors–it’s literally money flying out the window! When the really cold weather hits, these air leaks are especially important (and noticeable).So, it’s an issue of particular importance, during the winter