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Cleaning Instructions

It is easy to maintain the beauty of your windows.

Cleaning Instructions for Alpen WindowsAlpen Windows and doors are virtually maintenance free. However, as with any product exposed to atmospheric conditions, they will become dirty and require cleaning. With very little effort your windows and doors will retain their “just new” look for years to come. In most cases, exterior dirt and grime will wash away during the next heavy rain storm. However, if Mother Nature is unable to clean your windows, follow these guidelines.


Most severe window accidents occur on the first floor. If in doubt of precautions and dangers, hire a licensed, and insured professional window cleaning service.

Cleaning The Exterior Glass Surface

Be careful! Use all common safety methods to minimize the risk of hazard. Clean both sides of your glass with any popular glass cleaner and a soft cloth or paper towel.

Vertical Sliding Windows (Double Hung)

To tilt-in the lower sash

To tilt-in the upper sash

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows

Casement Windows

Cleaning The Screen

Inspecting The Weep System

Stain Fighting Solutions

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StainPossible Solution
Bubble GumFantastik®, Murphy’s Oil Soap®, Solution of Vinegar (30%) & Water (70%), Windex®
DAP (oil based chalk)Fantastik®
Felt-tip PenFantastik®, Water Based Cleaners
GrassFantastik®, Lysol®, Murphy’s Oil Soap®
LipstickFantastik®, Lysol®, Murphy’s Oil Soap®
Lithium GreaseFantastik®, Lestoil®, Murphy’s Oil Soap®
Mold & MildewFantastik®, Murphy’s Oil Soap®, Solution of Vinegar (30%) & Water (70%), Windex®
Motor OilFantastik®, Lysol®, Murphy’s Oil Soap®, Windex®
OilSoft Scrub®
PaintFantastik®, Murphy’s Oil Soap®, Windex®
PencilSoft Scrub®
RustFantastik®, Murphy’s Oil Soap®, Windex®
TarSoft Scrub®
Top SoilFantastik®, Lestoil®, Murphy’s Oil Soap®