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Residential Heat MirrorBenefits

The window of the future is here!


Heat Mirror WindowsIt’s the vision of efficiency

Depending on the number of films and the type of inert gases added within, AlpenGlass™ with Heat Mirror® can achieve an R-value ranging from 6 to 20 . With such performance, windows incorporating AlpenGlass can substantially lower your energy bills, as well as provide year round comfort and efficiency.

Expect peace and quiet—and peace of mind.

It makes sense that the most sound window system also blocks the most sound. AlpenGlass with Heat Mirror is a multi-cavity insulating glass solution that blocks outside noise. Performing up to 5 decibels better than double-paned windows, AlpenGlass helps create a comfortable and quiet refuge in your favorite places.

Protect your furniture—save your skin.

AlpenGlass with Heat Mirror can block over 99.5% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation, a known carcinogen. Let the sun shine through without worrying about it prematurely fading your drapes, furniture, floors, photographs, artwork, and anything else you like to show off indoors . . . including your skin.

Enjoy your entire home—the entire year.

Upgrading existing windows with AlpenGlass is like adding new rooms to your home, because you’ll now be able to enjoy them year round!

Improve your views—and your outlook.

With maximum UV protection and incredible energy efficiency, AlpenGlass with Heat Mirror provides the freedom for architects, builders, and homeowners alike to incorporate as much glass as desired into their home designs.