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Highlands Retreat


A high performance home in the mountains of North Carolina

When considering a new home, the owners (Andy and Gayle) wanted to save energy in order to lower energy bills and reduce their use of fossil fuels–as well as preserve some great south-facing views.


When they finally began designing their house, they understood the need for high performance windows but didn’t actually know that much about window performance or which types they should even be considering. After speaking with a Passive House-certified architect friend, and then with Alpen High Performance Products, they had a much better understanding.


Alpen representatives were very informative and, due to their confidence in their product, we never felt any pressure on us to buy.

Ultimately, the Alpen windows hit Andy and Gayle’s “sweet spot” of performance versus cost and beat all of the competing window companies.


After choosing the Zenith Series ZR-6 windows [previously named the 525S Series], they were a little concerned that their builder–who had not previously worked with Alpen’s high performance windows–might have trouble with the installation. As it turns out, they shouldn’t have worried because it all went very smoothly. Both the family and their builder are very pleased with Alpen’s products, from interactions with company representatives to the actual installation.


According to owner, Andy C., “Now that we’ve been in our house for a while, I’m happy to say that the Alpen windows have more than met our requirements for performance, comfort, cost savings with lower energy bills, and stylish design. There are no drafts or temperature drops near the windows, even when outside temperatures are in the single digits in the NC mountains, and I don’t think you can’t ask much more from a window than that.