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Keep Your Customers Comfortable and In Your Store


It’s summer time. Time for boardwalks, window shopping, and ice cream stores. Time for sprinklers, live music, and barbeques. And time for the heat to trigger your store’s air conditioning.

The Dog Days of Summer

Picture it: sun shining, 100 degrees, and no breeze. A nightmare for patrons who thought a trip to Pearl Street would be a good idea for the day. What do they do? They all duck inside the coolest stores, hiding out until a passing cloud brings some relief.

Will they take shelter inside your store? Sure, you have a great storefront showcasing your beautifully-lit merchandise, but is it  nearly as hot inside as it is outside? If your showroom is hot and sweaty, what else keeps them in besides your inventory?

Give patrons another reason to stick around – keep customers comfortable and cool!

If you haven’t gotten a tune-up for your AC, do that now! If that still isn’t cutting it, look into insulation and windows. Insulation is pretty self explanatory, but you might not have thought your storefront’s windows could make such a big difference.

Window seals can deteriorate over time, creating air-flow; you’re practically cooling the outdoors! If the windows in your store are over 10 years old, the seals are likely a problem.

If your windows are getting a little old or don’t look so great, they may need to be re-glazed. New glass (especially new, coated glazing) can cut down on the amount of heat from the sun that passes through your window. This limits the greenhouse effect inside your business, decreasing how hot it can get inside your building on a sunny day.

Go above and beyond for your customers

If it’s time for new windows, get something that will last–something with genuine quality! Be the cool sanctuary on the hottest days of summer, and fill your store with thankful customers.