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Perfect Example of the U.S. Sustainable Construction Industry


It starts with trust

We all love being trusted by our clients and customers. Whether they are as large as the Empire State Building or as small as a tiny house, trust expresses their belief in our products and our services. It increases by an order of magnitude when that trust comes from a branch of the US Government that’s “…tasked with improving living standards for all Americans by promoting economic development and technological innovation.”


The U.S. Department of Commerce contacted Alpen HPP recently, and asked us to host a group of 20 international delegates (from seven countries) during a nation-wide tour of companies at the forefront of the high-performance and sustainable construction industry. The green construction industry tour included only four cities: Washington D.C., Boston, Providence, and Denver (or Niwot, if your company is Alpen). To say we were honored to be recognized as a national leader in the sustainable construction industry by the branch of the government overseeing all of the nation’s business and trade would be…an understatement.


On February 24th, Alpen CEO, Brad Begin, and company founder, Robert Clarke, welcomed the international group with a tour of our production facility and showroom, followed by in-depth discussions of Alpen products and the state of energy efficient construction/ green building in the U.S.


“It is fascinating to engage with other like-minded professionals from across the globe, to discuss the future of green building and efficiency and the challenges that they face in their own countries,” said Begin. “We are honored to have been selected by the Department of Commerce to be part of the tour and the opportunity to share with the international community Alpen’s unyielding dedication to providing products that deliver quality, superior efficiency and advanced building envelope performance to the building and construction industry.”


More than just technology leaders

But, they didn’t come from all over the world just to hear about our technology: The delegation also wanted to learn about Alpen’s exceptional production. “We have a single-minded focus on attention to detail in all aspects of our manufacturing processes and QA reviews,” said Alpen General Manager, Doug Wichlacz. “That means our uniquely trained and experienced workforce manufactures windows with the highest consistency and quality in the industry—all confirmed through third party certified performance criteria.”


Everyone here at Alpen, from leadership and sales to manufacturing and shipping, would like to thank our customers for giving us the opportunity to do what we do best—build great windows and doors that are made in America and respected around the globe.


We truly believe we make the best glass products in the world.

Apparently the Department of Commerce does too.