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High Performance ProductsAcoustic Performance

acoustic performanceA home should be where the owner can relax and enjoy time with their
family and friends. Too often, though, noise from new development,
machines and traffic around neighborhoods create an unpleasant and
even stressful environment.

Alpen windows are engineered and custom-manufactured to be the finest fiberglass windows available for retrofit and new construction projects, delivering exceptional performance acoustically as much as thermally and energy efficiently.  Using high quality, foam filled frames and advanced glazing technology, Alpen windows can create living spaces that are cozy, relaxing and, importantly, quiet and peaceful.

What is STC?

Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings establish how much noise reduction occurs through a partition (such as a window). STC ratings apply to almost every aspect of buildings–windows, doors, walls, floors and ceilings.  Most homes built before 2001 used single pane windows which provided STC ratings of 15-20. Typical dual pane windows average STC ratings of 24-29.

Alpen Window STC Ratings:

Alpen’s standard Zenith Series ZR-9, ZR-7, ZR-6 and ZR-5 fiberglass windows are tested and certified to STC-30 - a full 66% improvement over single-pane windows, and 20% over most dual-pane products.

Beyond this, Alpen’s Window Solution Specialists can custom-engineer windows that deliver full-window STC ratings as high as STC-39 – a noise reduction up to 85% over other windows.

Contact an Alpen Solution Specialist for STC Reports or Sound Engineering Support for Zenith and Tyrol Series Windows

How it Works:

AlpenGlass™ harnesses the powerful sound-dampening quality of wide airspaces – the most effective and economical way to create sound-dampening glazing units – by constructing triple-pane glazing with thin, weightless suspended coated film as the center layer.  Further improvements are achieved by integrating sound-controlling glass products like dissimilar-thickness and laminated glass panes. Because Alpen’s suspended film is a low-e coated surface, AlpenGlass does not lose thermal performance like most sound-attenuating glass products when laminated glass is added.

Then, by capturing glazing in high quality foam-filled fiberglass frames and adding multiple air-tight layers into frame and sash construction, the full window performs as quietly as the center of glass.

Through this combination of: advanced technologies, high quality materials and the capability to custom-engineer glazing that improves sound control and thermal performance simultaneously, Alpen HPP manufactures a remarkable product line that spans STCs from 30 to 39, and offers full-window U-factors as low as U-0.11 providing the ultimate in comfortable environments.

Alpen Zenith Series Fiberglass Window STC Test Reports for Standard Products:

Alpen Zenith Series Fiberglass DoubleHung_OL10-0507_STC 30

Alpen Zenith Series Fiberglass HP Picture_OL10-0509_STC 30

Alpen Zenith Series Fiberglass Casement_OL10-0502_STC30

Alpen Zenith Series Fiberglass_Slider_OL10-0514_STC30

Alpen Zenith Series Fiberglass SingleHung_OL10-0508_STC30

Alpen Zenith Series Fiberglass LP Picture_OL10-0510_STC30

Alpen Zenith Series Fiberglass  Casement_OL10-0503_STC39