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High Performance ProductsZenith Highlights

Alpen Zenith Series Windows combine an advanced glass package with superior fiberglass framing systems to achieve high insulation performance across the full-frame — not just measured at the center of glass.

  • “Tuned” to your home’s unique location and solar exposure: Our tuning expertise and glazing options will ensure the right amount of heat to warm or cool your home for thermal efficiency, maximum comfort, and reduced energy usage.
  • Custom made to match your home’s distinctive architecture: Alpen Zenith Series Windows are available in multiple sizes, styles, shapes and colors and with optional stainable wood veneers*. Alpen Windows are custom made to meet your home’s exact specifications and style at no extra cost.
  • Traditional classic wood window aesthetic: Alpen Zenith Series fiberglass frames offer the beauty and look of classic wood windows. Available in our High Profile Fixed, Awning & Casement windows, these custom stainable interior wood veneers and classic lines and grid profiles match the feel of wood windows without the hassle, weight and maintenance of a solid wood frame.
  • High strength, low conductivity fiberglass frame: Fiberglass is considered the “greenest” material for window frames. Fiberglass offers durability, better thermal performance, and lower embodied energy than vinyl, aluminum, and wood framing materials.
  • Clean, contemporary hardware: Alpen Zenith Series Window hardware offers a unique, clean, contemporary design that does not obstruct views and reduces the tendency of the window to “walk” in buffeting wind conditions. The hardware finish is engineered to resist a wide range of corrosive materials.
  • Multi-seal weatherstripping design: Alpen Zenith Windows conform to the rain screen principle with high quality air and water tight seals.
  • Fiberglass insect screen: Our screens are easily removable, non-glare, fiberglass. They will not rust, corrode, stain or impede visibility.
  • UV protection: Zenith Series Windows are engineered to block up to 99.5% of harmful UV rays. Our advanced glazing systems reduce fading and interior damage and contribute to a healthy indoor environment – all without obstructing natural lighting and visibility.
  • Lifetime warranty: All Alpen Zenith Series Windows are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Easy, safe cleaning: Zenith Windows are designed to tilt-in, lift-in or pivot-in, which allow you to easily and safely clean your windows from the inside of your home.

*Note: Real Wood interior finishes are available only in fixed high profile picture, awning & casement windows.