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High-Performance Window BucksThermalBuck

ThermalBuck High Performance Window Bucks

Window installation with exterior insulation is a challenge.
Solve the problem with ThermalBuck™.

ThermalBuck was designed to solve multiple problems when installing windows with continuous insulation and/or rainscreens. It extends the mounting point of windows & doors to create a flush plane for cladding. It also insulates the rough opening, limiting a common thermal bridge in the building envelope. Simple to install and easier to flash than a traditional wood buck, ThermalBuck is a true continuous insulation solution.







With the rapid adoption of advanced energy codes, and the increasing demand by consumers for energy-efficient homes, a growing number of high-performance architects and builders are using exterior insulation on new homes.

ThermalBuck improves the energy efficiency of the building envelope by limiting thermal bridging around rough openings, and simplifies the installation of windows with continuous insulation.



Window Installation Detail

So, you can use this high-performance Passive House verified window buck with confidence.





Alpen High Performance Products
is now a proud National Distributor of ThermalBuck.

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