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Pollen and Dust ResistantVistaClear Screens

Alpen VistaClear Window and Door Screens

Our nearly-invisible screens allow exceptional airflow while blocking dust and 92.8% of pollen!1

Both PVC- and phthalate-free, these new high tech window screens are designed to help you restrict the amount of pollen and dust coming into your home–providing you with absolute control over your indoor air quality.

This cutting-edge electrostatic barrier is made from strong micro thin fibers that have been woven at twice the density of a normal screen, which efficiently blocks out a wide range of potential allergens and pollution-related particles while providing enhanced airflow and unparalleled visibility.






See the VistaClear Difference

In head-to-head comparisons of transparency and light transmission with the competition, Alpen’s VistaClear screens are the obvious choice when you want enhanced clarity and distortion-free views.

Helping Control Indoor Air Quality

Functioning much like an electrostatic air filter, this nearly-transparent allergen “barrier” can actually repel dust and pollen before it ever enters your home. VistaClear screens offer protection against a wide range of airborne particles, blocking 74.6% of dust particles and 92.8% of pollen–allergens that are often the cause of seasonal allergies and asthma.2




1Measured in comparison to an open window according to ISO 12103-1 A1, using grass pollen and dust particles.
2According to Mayo Clinic and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America