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AlpenGlass™ Cleaning Instructions

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    For optimal performance and longevity, regularly clean the interior and exterior surfaces of your AlpenGlass™. Click here to download your copy! Step-By-Step Cleaning Instructions:
    1. Wet the glass surface with a combination of soap and clean water to eliminate excess dirt and debris.
    2. Apply a mild, non-abrasive window cleaning solution with a non-abrasive applicator to clean glass surface.
    3. After cleaning glass surface, immediately remove all cleaning solution using a squeegee and making sure to prevent any metal surface of the squeegee from touching the glass.
    4. Dry window gaskets, sealants and frames completely, taking care not to trap abrasive particles between glass and cleaning or drying equipment. Window gaskets, sealants and frames may suffer deterioration if not dried immediately after washing.
    For best results, do not clean glass when it is hot or exposed to direct sunlight. Cleaning Solutions Depending on how much dirt and debris are on the glass surface, cleaning can be as simple as using a water-saturated cloth. Pre-mixed glass cleaners are also acceptable, as long as you follow the printed instructions carefully. A 50-50 alcohol/water mix or a 50-50 ammonia/water mix is also an option. Regardless of the cleaning solution, take care to rinse it off immediately with clean water, and dry glass surface as well as window frame and hardware with a soft cloth or a chamois and a cellulose sponge. Removing Labels Remove labels and adhesive residue as soon as possible after installation. If labels are difficult to remove, saturate with either rubbing alcohol or acetone (nail polish remover), and peel label from glass surface. Do not remove labels while exposed to direct sunlight, and do not allow cleaning products to come in contact with weather-strip or finishes. Storing AlpenGlass The material that is most harmful to glass is another piece of glass. When storing multiple glass units avoid direct contact between glass surfaces. When moving glass, avoid sliding one pane over another to prevent scratches and abrasions. Keep glass away from areas subject to overspray or chemical run off. Immediately remove any construction material, such as concrete, labels, tapes, paints or fireproofing. Use of Razor Blades on Tough Residue Use of razor blades is not recommended on any coated glass. However, if normal cleaning cannot remove paint or other construction residue from a non-coated glass surface, a new 1” razor blade may be used on small areas. Scrape only in one direction. Never scrape in a back and forth motion.

    Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning AlpenGlass

    • Exercise caution when cleaning coated glass surfaces
    • Clean all glass surfaces when subject to dirt or other residue
    • Clean glass surfaces when shaded and out of direct sunlight
    • Use only non-abrasive cleaning solutions and equipment
    • Dry all window surfaces (gasket, frames, sealants, glass) completely and immediately after cleaning
    • Test out cleaning solutions and equipment on one small window to check for damage before applying procedures to all windows
    • Pre-rinse glass surface with water and soap solution to loosen debris
    • Clean coated or tinted glass surfaces in direct sunlight
    • Use scrapers of any type for glass cleaning
    • Use abrasive solutions or materials
    • Leave dirt and debris on windows for extended periods of time
    • Clean glass surfaces without rinsing off excess dirt and residue
    • Permit metal parts of cleaning equipment to touch the glass surface
    • Allow abrasive particles to be trapped between glass surface and equipment
    • Let splashed cleaning solutions dry on glass surfaces
    • Never use hydrofluoric or phosphoric acid, which will corrode the glass surface
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