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Architectural & Storefront Glass

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    Glass is the most common and least understood material in the construction industry. Selecting glass is one of the most important and far-reaching decisions in a commercial project. The choice impacts human comfort, energy efficiency, productivity and overall design aesthetics. It also affects mechanical HVAC design and loads, daylighting, interior condensation control, ultraviolet fading and sound control. Visit our Architectural Glass Document Library for Glazing Instructions, BIM Objects, Warranty Info and more. The Alpen Glass family of high performance insulated glass products offers solutions to all glazing design challenges such as climate, elevation and application with unparalleled flexibility. These high-performance products address the five principal glazing design challenges:
    • Balancing winter comfort and heating load vs. summer comfort and cooling load
    • Natural lighting
    • Condensation control
    • Ultraviolet fading control
    • Appearance and reflectivity
    With Alpen Glass you can environmentally tune a building or storefront. By using the appropriate spectrally selective films you can simultaneously optimize daylight transmittance and address solar gain concerns. Utilizing multiple Alpen Glass types to meet specific design criteria is one of the most powerful uses of this technology and can result in a truly green building.
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