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Certifications & Testing of Suspended Film Technology

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    More than 35 companies worldwide now manufacture commercial, institutional and residential “multi-chamber” IG units based on a performance array of crystal-clear, low-emissivity films suspended midway between two panes of glass.

    Adhesion and Sealant Reliability

    Film Adhesion Verification - Testing extending back to 1979, has systematically stressed the spacer/film/spacer bond in excess of twice the actual tension level resulting from heat shrinking for each new AlpenGlass™ configuration. Again with reference to 29 years of exclusive SF projects throughout the United States and Europe, evidence is strong that the film used in AlpenGlass insulating units are both securely anchored and tensioned. Sealant Edge “Bite” - The cross-section construction of SF in Alpen High Performance Products units provides two computer-bent steel spacers. The coated film extends completely through the spacer assembly to be securely “locked” in place by the secondary sealant. The inspected variance of this nominal ½” spacer/sealant sightline may not exceed 1/16”. The Alpen perimeter face-width of dual-seal silicone units may be increased in response to high windload or blast requirements.

    Aesthetics and Extreme Environments

    Optical Clarity - Perhaps the best reference for Alpen optical clarity is the product’s repeated use, during the past two decades, by numerous art galleries. Gordon Anson, Exhibit Designer at the National Gallery of Art, specifically studied Alpen, approving not only its clarity but assigning a Color Rendering Index of 92. Alpen windows and glass are now installed throughout the National Gallery, as well as the National Portrait Gallery, Freer Gallery, Art Institute of Chicago skylights and Pennsylvania State Museum. Thermal Stress & Wet Environments - Suspended Film has been preferentially specified in the harshest of municipal, institutional and residential swimming-pool environments for more than two decades. One very demanding project was the University of Colorado’s Recreation Center that maintained at 85˚F and approximate rh of 70%. By replacing their 22’ high curtainwall with Alpen, the University of Colorado has benefited from virtually condensation free, near constant glass temperatures resulting in a reduction of heating loads for 30 years.

    Suspended Film over the Years

    Alpen HPP has provided dual-seal silicone units to countless projects nationwide during the past decade and beyond. A few Alpen HPP SF projects and dates installed include:
    • Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Washington D.C., 1991
    • New York Historical Society, NYC, 1982
    • Smithsonian Freer Art Gallery, Washington D.C., 1992
    • Holy Cross Energy, Glenwood, CO, 1981
    • San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA, 1994
    • Colorado State Services Building, Grand Junction, CO, 1982
    • 700 Broadway (1891 Schermerhorn Building), NYC, 1992
    • Virginia Air and Space Museum, Hampton, VA, 1984

    Architectural Glass Project Gallery

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