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Why Should I Get Fiberglass Windows?


Are fiberglass windows for you? Yes, and here’s why

  • Fiberglass windows are stronger
  • Fiberglass windows are better insulated
  • Fiberglass windows are extremely low maintenance
  • Fiberglass windows are weather resistant
  • And finally, Alpen can create a custom fiberglass frame just for you

Fiberglass Strength

Fiberglass is made up of tiny strands tightly bound and bonded to create an object – in this case, a solid window frame. All of these tiny strands, even when bonded, are very lightweight and strong.

Alpen’s pultruded fiberglass has significantly higher strength-to-weight ratio than either wood or aluminum, with individual fiberglass strands distributing weight across the structure. This weight distribution prevents dents and damage even in extreme hot or cold conditions.

Thermal Performance

Fiberglass’ thermal conductivity is 800 times less than aluminum. That means outdoor heat can warm aluminum and other metals and transfer into a cooled structure like a building with relative ease. The reverse is true in the winter when you feel a “draft” from your windows: That’s the cold outdoors leeching heat out of your building through the window.
Just to reinforce though: Fiberglass transfers heat 800 times less.

When wood or metal heats up and expands too much, it compromises seal integrity and can damage the surrounding structure. Since fiberglass holds less heat, there’s nearly zero expansion. This minimizes stress on seals, caulks, and joints so you can enjoy fully functional windows for a long time.

Frame Maintenance

Fiberglass windows can survive up to 80 years without any maintenance! Compare that to aluminum (40 years, at best) or wood (20 years, at best). By the time much-needed maintenance happens on a metal or wood window frame, the window may have taken a significant amount of damage and be warped or permanently disfigured.

The life expectancy of wood and aluminum will decrease even more if it’s exposed to any sort of corrosive material (including cleaning solutions). Fiberglass is the only window framing material that specifically resists environmental damage caused by corrosive salt air and high temperatures, making it the perfect solution for hot climates, sunny exposures and coastal areas.

The insulation properties of fiberglass also prevent condensation by helping maintain a low humidity through (because it has very low conduction and thermal bridging). This significantly reduces the chances of potentially damaging mold and mildew from entering your building.

Custom Window Look and Feel

With these great strength and performance properties, fiberglass frames are able to physically hold more glass (giving them a higher glass-to-frame ratio) and provide higher window-to-wall ratios. For designers and owners, that means there is a potential for more windows, with larger glass panes and smaller fiberglass structures holding them in place. Larger vistas with better insulation and using fewer materials!

Customize your interior even further with frames in just about any color. Alpen HPP fiberglass frames don’t need treatment to add a custom color – or two! Choose a split or two-tone finish for a different color inside and out, or go with a custom wood grain.