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Introducing: The ONLY American-made window with both PHIUS and PHI Certifications

Alpen is proud to announce the first (and currently only) dual-certified window manufactured in North America.

We believe making good decisions should be easier, not harder…and simpler, not more complex. If you’re looking for the highest quality windows that America has to offer, and you need a certified product—for Passive House, Net Zero Energy, Living Building Challengeor just about any other application requiring both a high level of performance and comfort—Alpen makes it easy.




As a long-time industry innovator, we recognize all high performance building philosophies, and have pledged to support their communities by providing a wide range of critical window certifications.


Everyone has different needs, and we’ve set a goal of being the absolute best at supplying a range of certified products with proven and verifiable performance data,said Alpen CEO, Brad Begin.As a leading innovator of glass and windows for decades, we are here to support you with short lead times and knowledgeable servicing—no matter where you live. We have a range glazing solutions for every state in the U.S.




Alpen High Performance Products delivers:

  • Precision-crafted windows and doors, made in the U.S.
  • Shorter lead and delivery times, due to our recent manufacturing and technology innovations
  • Local servicing and consultative support
  • World-class glazing packages for every climate—from Alaska to Florida
  • World-class certifications and real data that back up our claims
  • The first universally certified Passive House window made in North America


Alpen is committed to leading the industry through innovation, supporting a wide range of high performance building communities and providing validated proof that our product performance matches our claims.