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Powerful Glass

The perfect net zero energy solution for EVERY building?

Applied to vertical surfaces of buildings, this transparent solar coating turns traditional windows into highly energy efficient and electricity-generating windows.

Ubiquitous Energy, a leader in transparent solar technology, has partnered with Alpen High Performance Products to produce the first demonstration commercial window façades with > 1m2 of the company’s ClearView Power transparent solar technology.


“These window demonstrations are the result of many years of development and represent the great progress achieved with ClearView Power™. Recent advances led to the creation of these prototype façades, which are the world’s first large-area, truly transparent solar window façades.”

–Miles Barr, Ubiquitous Energy co-founder and CTO


Each façade is made of six ClearView Power insulated glass units (IGUs), producing solar electricity for building power while simultaneously maintaining the performance of standard commercial window glass: Over 50% transparency, neutral in color, and low emissivity (low-E) for energy efficiency.


The high-efficiency fiberglass window frames were custom created by Alpen High Performance Products and represent the most advanced, lightweight, high-insulation framing solution available today.



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