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U.S. Government Asks Alpen to Showcase American Sustainability Innovation (again!)


For the last two years, we proudly fulfilled the government’s request to highlight our products for the Department of Commerce’s SABIT Program–part of the International Trade Administration–which showcases cutting-edge, energy efficient construction technologies for a select group of Eurasian delegates.

What is SABIT?

SABIT’s Energy Efficiency in Residential and Commercial Construction program aims to give participants a comprehensive understanding of energy efficiency and the green construction industry in the United States, with an emphasis on topics such as design and architecture, use of renewable energy in construction, construction materials, IT and mobile applications and technologies, certifications and green building standards, and construction management.


The 2017 delegates visited 3 cities (Washington DC, Boulder/Denver and Portland, OR) and included directors, managers, instructors, corporate officers, architects and engineers from Russia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyz Republic.

Thanks to the Department of Commerce and the SABIT program administrators for once again asking Alpen High Performance Products to showcase American innovation in sustainability.


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