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AlpenGlass: The industry’s highest-performing multi-cavity glass solution

AlpenGlass vs. Traditional Triple Pane—There Is No Comparison

AlpenGlass delivers the lowest U-factors in the industry, nearly 100% UV blockage and a variety of solar heat gain options. This provides the flexibility designers need to create large glass areas without sacrificing energy efficiency. Since Alpen is able to offer low solar heat gain options without tints, there is no need to sacrifice daylight. Quality natural light increases occupant health, productivity and comfort while lowering operating costs—in both the workplace and the home.

Triple pane options require a wider glazing pocket, which often makes retrofits impossible. Triples are also much heavier than their AlpenGlass alternative. This added weight translates to higher labor, transit and installation costs, while often requiring more expensive heavy-duty hardware. Standard AlpenGlass IGs are the same overall thickness as most dual pane units, providing an easy, lightweight and energy efficient drop-in-replacement solution.

Commercial AlpenGlass Benefits:

  • Compatible with virtually all new or retrofit glazing / framing systems including storefronts, curtainwalls and commercial window designs
  • Center-of-glass U-factors as low as 0.08
  • N-S-E-W Tuning delivers morning warmth and afternoon coolness
  • 99.5%+ UV blockage
  • Fully compatible with tinted, obscure, laminated and spandrel glass
  • Interior glass-surface condensation is virtually eliminated with AlpenGlass, accounting for its repeated specification in such environments as the National Gallery of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Smithsonian Museum
  • AlpenGlass Insulated Glass has been produced on a continuous basis since 1981

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