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Some (Recent) Passive House Books To Read


A subject that’s near-and-dear to our hearts!
It never hurts to (re-)invest time toward learning, so here’s a list of books about Passive House that have been published in the last 4 years.

  • An Introduction to Passive House by J. Bere
  • Positive Energy Homes: Creating Passive Houses for Better Living by R. Brimblecombe and K. Rosemeier

  • Passive House Details: Solutions for High-Performance Design by D. Corner, J. Fillinger and A. Kwok

  • Passive House Design: Planning and Design of Energy-Efficient Buildings by R. Gonzalo and R. Vallentin
  • The Passivhaus Designer’s Manual: A technical guide to low and zero energy buildings by C. Hopfe and R. McLeod (eds.)

  • Details for Passive Houses: Renovation: A Catalogue of Ecologically Rated Constructions for Renovation by IBO – Austrian Institute for Building and Ecology (ed.)

  • Net Zero Energy Buildings, Passive House + Renewables [e-book] by E. James (ed.)
  • Passive House in Different Climates: The Path to Net Zero by M. James and J. Bill

  • Midori Haus: Transformation from Old House to Green Future with Passive House by C. Kawahara

  • PHPP Illustrated: A designer’s companion to the Passivhaus Planning Package by S. Lewis

  • Hyperlocalization of Architecture: Contemporary Sustainable Archetypes by A. Michler

  • Hermann Kaufmann IZM (DETAIL Special) by M. Sauer


If you’d like more information on (many of) these books, check out this blog post from our wonderfully informative PassivHaus friend, Elrond Burrell.


Now, get comfy (preferably in front of a large high performance window!) and start your Summer reading early this year…

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